SOLIDWORKS 2013 Top 10 Enhancements Requests


SOLIDWORKS 2013 Top 10 Enhancement Requests announced at SOLIDWORKS World 2013. These requests will be implemented in the next version of SolidWorks; SOLIDWORKS 2014. Here’s the list of what we can expect this fall with the release of SOLIDWORKS 2014:

1. Make rebuild time faster
2. Ability to save SOLIDWORKS files in previous versions – Backward Compatibility
3. Slot mate
4. Cylindrical mates need an option to lock rotation
5. Provide a version of eDrawings mobile app for Android devices
6. OPtion for Equal spacing on linear patterns
7. Default concentric mate on axis to Cylindrical surface
8. External thread wizard for all thread types
9. Draw a line segment starting from the midpoint
10. Create auxiliary line for dimensioning angles

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