SOLIDWORKS 2014 Sketch Auto Scale

One of my favorite enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2014 is the sketch auto scale.  It’s on of my top 10 enhancement because it saves so much time and frustration.  Here’s how it helps you.

When you create a sketch, you most likely don’t add dimensions right away.  You will get the rough shape on the screen and then come back and add the dimensions.  In 2013 and pervious, once you would add these dimensions, the sketch would possibly move all over the screen.  That’s because if you sketched a line that was 10mm but then placed a dimension that made the line 100mm the zoom wouldn’t change.

Well now in 2014, when you add the first dimension, the entire sketch will scale to that value.  So if you tell the 10mm line to be 100mm, it looks like nothing has changed and you originally sketched the line at 100mm.  It’s all based off the very first dimension you place in the sketch.

If you want to watch a video of this and some other new enhancements, check out our What’s New video.  It can be found here:

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