SOLIDWORKS 2015 What’s New – Drawing: Zoom to Sheet #sw2015

When working with Drawings, especially when using the “Auto-start projected view” in the View Palette, it can be very easy drop a view outside the drawing sheet.  I have also seen some people will place all of their views on the first sheet, positioning the views that will go in further sheets outside the sheet area until they have completed the first sheet.  In previous versions if this happened, using “Zoom to fit” would zoom to include everything, including the views outside of the drawing sheet as illustrated below.

Zoom to fit

Users were forced to use “Zoom to area” or manually zooming in to get the sheet on the screen as best as they could.  This does get the job done, but it was enough of a hassle to warrant SOLIDWORKS to take a look at it and find a better way.  In SOLIDWORKS 2015, the command “Zoom to sheet” has been introduced.  This will automatically zoom to fit the sheet only, regardless of the views that may exist outside the sheet boundaries as shown below.

Zoom to sheet

This new command allows us to focus in on what is important on the sheet and not worry about zooming correctly giving us less we need to think about and more time to actually do our jobs.

Chad Whitbeck, Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional

CATI Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.  Innovation summit link

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