SOLIDWORKS 2015 What’s New – Gusset enhancements #sw2015

In SOLIDWORKS 2015 there are several great new enhancements to gussets. You can now create gussets between disjointed planar surface bodies that are separated by a structural member, body radius or a gap. Here is an example.


Another great gusset enhancement is the ability place a gusset between rectangular or planar surface bodies and cylindrical or round surface bodies.


You can also create gussets between cylinders or tubes.


When adding a gusset to a cylinder or tube, you have the ability to use planes, linear edges and sketch lines to pick a direction. There are a ton of great new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2015! Please take the time to look through them to see how you can increase your productivity. Also, please visit one of our Design Innovation Summits coming up at a location near you!

Phil Whitaker

Field Technical Services Manager


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