SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New – Application Programming Interface – #SW2018

SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New – Application Programming Interface – #SW2018

, SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New – Application Programming Interface – #SW2018

SOLIDWORKS had added many new options in the API language. SOLIDWORKS 2018 API includes the ability to:

• Access general tolerance table annotations and features.

• Access hidden content in tables.

• Add a distance mate between cylindrical components of an assembly.

• Add and edit pairs of concentric mates (hole sets) between the same two components, allowing for misalignment of concentric mates.

• Add rebuild and save marks to multiple configurations and remove them from all configurations.

• Add specific display dimensions by type.

• Create a spline constrained to a surface.

• Create a trimmed sheet body with a specified tolerance.

• Create advanced assembly mates and sweeps using improved API architecture.

• Create advanced holes in parts.

• Create and upgrade VB.NET and C# macros using Microsoft Visual Studio® Tools for Applications (VSTA) 2015.

• Create bidirectional twist and thin-walled sweep features.

• Create internal and external threads.

• Edit third-party native CAD components in assemblies.

• Expand and collapse indented items in BOMs.

• Get corresponding objects between drawing views and parts or assemblies.

• Get, edit, insert, or delete the below frame text of geometric tolerances.

• Get layer items by type.

• Get or set a custom property builder template for parts or weldments.

• Get or set component display state-specific properties in multiple assembly display states.

• Get or set geometric tolerance leader options, All Over This Side and All Around This Side.

• Get or set the balloon padding for existing notes in drawings.

• Get or set whether a configuration node is expanded in the ConfigurationManager.

• Get or set whether table text is all upper case.

• Get or set whether to automatically rebuild equations.

• Get or set whether to automatically repair files on opening.

• Get or set whether to display configuration names and descriptions in the ConfigurationManager.

• Get or set whether to import DimXpert annotations when inserting or mirroring parts.

• Get or set whether to lock a magnetic mate.

• Get or set whether to show a slit in the corner relief of Flat-Pattern features.

• Get whether a custom property is editable in a configuration.

• Handle pre- and post-notify events when converting bodies.

• Import and export Hole Wizard and Toolbox data.

• Modify control points and interior knots in sketch splines.

• Offload PhotoView 360 rendering to other networked machines.

• Optionally rebuild a model after adding configurations.

• Override default part or assembly templates when creating a Split feature.

• Quickly check whether an interference exists between components.

• Save and restore the current SOLIDWORKS software settings.

• Select exploded views, create a regular explode step with rotation parameters, create a radial explode step, and edit explode steps.

• Set table anchors at selected sketch points on drawing sheets.

• Set whether to expand all configurations in a specified pane of the ConfigurationManager.

• Show the preview of a configuration selected in the ConfigurationManager

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