SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

SOLIDWORKS Apps for KidsWith SOLIDWORKS educational products being utilized at over 80% of the world’s top engineering schools, anyone interested in computer-aided design (CAD) would be wise to learn the software as early as possible. Although many students first gain exposure to SOLIDWORKS and other CAD products in high school, SOLIDWORKS recently introduced a way for an even younger audience to start honing their design skills: SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

What is SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids?

According to SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is “is an ecosystem of apps that break down the design and engineering process into bite-sized pieces for creating, styling, designing, and expressing creativity in a fun-filled and easy-to-understand way.” There are currently five apps total, and each app helps kids to learn a different aspect of 3D design. SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids allows kids to express their ideas through 3D design and share their work with others.

What can you make with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids?

Each app in the SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids ecosystem allows kids to explore a different step in the 3D design process, from capturing ideas to printing their final product. According to SOLIDWORKS, the five apps include:

      • – Capture It, a way for kids to create a design story with pictures, video, or sound. A smartphone can be used to add content, and you can use any device to create an inspiration board or collage.


        • – Shape It, an easy-to-use modeling tool that turns ideas into a 3D model.


          • – Style It, to add colors, stickers, and backgrounds to your design, or even paint right onto the model.


            • – Mech It, for adding motion or drawing spiral art. This normally complex part of the CAD process is made easy with touch-friendly, snap together shapes.


            • – Print It, for bringing your creations to life and printing in 2D, 3D or other project-based formats.

          SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

          SOLIDWORKS recently announced a new updated to the site called “Featured Projects” which lets kids view and experience other designs created in SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

          Trying Beta SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

          SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is relatively new, but you can learn more by trying it out for yourself. It is currently in beta – sign up here to give it a try, and give feedback that will help shape the future of the product!

          Learn SOLIDWORKS Early

          If you want your kid to explore design in a fun way (and learn skills for a future potential career!) SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is definitely worth trying!

          solidworks apps for kids

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