SOLIDWORKS: Composite Curves

The SOLIDWORKS Swept Boss/Base command is extremely popular and powerful. However, this command allows only “one” path to be designated. So how does one use the Sweep command for a situation where several sketch entities (2D and 3D) are linked together in segments?

Swept Boss/Base

If we invoke the Sweep command and select a path, it only recognizes one segment!

, SOLIDWORKS: Composite Curves , SOLIDWORKS: Composite Curves

This is where a very useful tool comes into play – the Composite Curve. This tool combines all sketch entities into one continuous curve. You can find it under Features > Curves:

, SOLIDWORKS: Composite Curves

Invoke Composite Curve and simply select the entities to join. Note that 2D and 3D sketches can be combined with existing curves as in this example with the Helix/Spiral:

Base Sketch

Now, when using the Swept Boss/Base command, the Composite Curve can be chosen for the path:

Composite Curves

Viola! A continuous sweep is created.

, SOLIDWORKS: Composite Curves

I hope you will find the Composite Curve to be a great new tool for your future SOLIDWORKS design project.

James Carlin, CSWE
Support Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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