SOLIDWORKS Feature Recognition When Importing SOLIDWORKS Files Into DELMIA - NC Shop Floor Programmer (NSR)

To Begin, go to SOLIDWORKS 2021, System Options, Hole Wizard/Toolbox, ‘Include data for DELMIA applications’. 

Feature Recognition in DELMIA recognizes threaded hole data from imported SOLIDWORKS part files with hole wizard data when programming a machining process inside DELMIA. 

When importing the SOLIDWORKS part file into DELMIA, have the system option checked to Include data for DELMIA applications.  When hole wizard holes are created in SOLIDWORKS and converted to the platform using the Derived Format Converter (UES) into DELMIA the hole data will be extracted from SOLIDWORKS. 

The basic feature recognition now works the same as SOLIDWORKS CAM, with tapped holes from the Hole Wizard.  Machining processes could then be applied to pick the correct tap or operations to automate the programming process, like SOLIDWORKS CAM.  3/8-16 tapped hole is used in the example below in the DELMIA app NC Shop Floor Programmer (NSR).

Take advantage of the Hole Wizard/Toolbox option settings in SOLIDWORKS 2021 to ‘Include data for DELMIA applications’ for importing the SOLIDWORKS part files into DELMIA apps.

To find out more about DELMIA or the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, check out our website or reach out to your local rep today!

Don Glaske
Manager, CAM Services
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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