SOLIDWORKS Free Xpress Utilities-Part 3-SimulationXpress

SOLIDWORKS Free Xpress Utilities-Part 3

SimulationXpress provides entry level FEA, giving you the ability to do basic stress analysis on individual parts. You can quickly determine effects of force and pressure, and generate reports to document results. When you are ready to test full assemblies, it is easy to upgrade to advanced SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages.

SimulationXpress uses the same concept of the full Simulation package with some limitations:

  • Static study only
  • Can be run on parts only
  • Can only define a "fixed" fixture
  • Can only define loads of Force or Pressure

SimulationXpress offers a wizard that will assist you in all aspects or the study. This will help you go through the complete process of setting preferences/adding fixtures/applying loads/viewing results and creating reports.

Loading SimulationXpress will initial launch the wizard. You can step through the wizard, or if you prefer you can manually assign loads & fixtures.


Once the study has been run, you can display results for Stress/Displacement/Deformation and Factor of Safety.


For stress/Displacement/Deformation, you can also play an animation to show the results.

Once the results are completed, you can generate a Word document report showing a vast amount of data.


Along with reports, you can also create an eDrawings file containing the SimulationXpress results.



In conclusion, even though SimuationXpress is limited, it is still a very powerful tool that you may have not realized that you had!

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