SOLIDWORKS Geometry Pattern Option – What does it do?

In SOLIDWORKS, there are all sorts of check boxes that aren't explored. In the Pattern Command, there is 1 checkbox I want to talk about. It's the Geometry Pattern checkbox.


Here is a part with a cylindrical cutout.

Picture 1

The cut in purple (the Seed), was made using the "Offset From Surface" option with a distance of 10mm.

Extrude 10

Picture 3 cut

The pattern is 3 instances of the Seed Cut.With Geometry Pattern Option UNCHECKED, the patterned cut follows the 10mm distance from the "Offset From Surface".


Geomety Pattern off

Picture 2

When the Geometry Pattern Options is CHECKED, the geometry created with the first cut is kept, ignoring the 10mm "Offset From Surface.

Geomerty Check box

With GP Checked Front

See the difference?

I hope you found this helpful.

Thanks for reading!


Judy Marlo

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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