SolidWorks: How to Ensure Your Designs Work

How to Ensure Your Designs Work

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About the Presentation

25-minute Presentation on importance of design validation with real-world application examples for companies desiring to achieve higher performance, profitability and market share. The presentation addresses business goals of organization in terms of time, cost and quality as applied to sustainable product design and development.

Importance of Design Validation

Conventional engineering practices involve Design-Build-Test-Re-Design.  This cycle continues until the product is perfected in terms of fit, form and function, before launch.  This extends the product development cycle with delayed product launch and market capitalization.

It is important that the design for quality process, as shown in the video, is incorporated to ensure first-time right leaving no scope for re-work, re-tooling, rejection. Design validation increases confidence in design, improves reliability, eliminates costly errors, reduces input cost while assuring superior performance, enhancing product quality and protecting product safety.

Successful product launches have always had spell checking done using design validation techniques.

Objectives of Design Validation

Measurable parameters such as size, weight, cost, safety, performance, life, quality, sustainability are necessary validation objectives that need to be used as targets by the design engineering team. 80% of the product cost is decided by design. Then, validation and upfront engineering becomes relevant and critical to meet organizational goals in terms of profitability and market dominance.

Applications for Design Validation

Examples of design validation as applied to machines, power train, anti-vibration mounts, process equipment, systems, machine tool, material handling equipment, medical devices, and pumps. Mechanisms are shown in the presentation to drive home the fact that design validation techniques are versatile and applicable to multiple domains.  Sustainable designs have become ever so more important considering the green earth emphasis.

Sustainable Design Goals

While sustainability is essentially driven by corporate social responsibility, the presentation demonstrates how it can lead to higher profit and market share, thereby serving more than one purpose.

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