SOLIDWORKS introduces NEW Term Licensing with 2017

We all know that every new release of SOLIDWORKS adds amazing time saving features and better ways to get your job done, but this time SOLIDWORKS 2017 is also offering new ways to acquire and use the software!

This new offering is called SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing, and here are some of the great benefits to you get with this option:

1. Variety of Term Lengths

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing lets you to purchase seats for a predefined period of time:  a three month term or a one year term. This flexible term length is a great benefit for companies with the situation of interns or contract employees, or even for exploration of an upgrade in SOLIDWORKS packages or add-ins.  You can also upgrade the term lengths at any point.

2. Lower Upfront Cost

Term licenses are more budget-friendly with much lower costs upfront, allowing more companies the chance to use SOLIDWORKS.  Great for startups or small companies!  This also of course provides easier budgeting compared to purchasing a traditional perpetual license. 

3) Flexible and Scalable Solution

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing accommodates changing workloads and workforces, allowing you to prioritize your SOLIDWORKS needs with project schedules.  You can of course mix-and-match SOLIDWORKS traditional perpetual licenses that you may already have with any combination of three month terms or one year terms for additional/new seats that can start at any time.

4) Support and Subscription Benefits

Term license users will receive same support and subscription benefits as perpetual users.  This of course gains you access to the latest upgrades and enhancements, expert technical support from 3DVision and SOLIDWORKS, free certification exams, and customer resources such as MySolidWorks and the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

5) It’s NOT just CAD!

In addition to the SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium packages being included in the Term Licensing offering, you also have the option to purchase term licenses for SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION Standard, Professional, and Premium!  So if you find the need to do an analysis on a design, and aren’t ready for the purchase of a perpetual license of SIMULATION, term licensing on these products is exactly what you need!

Want to learn more about SOLIDWORKS term license and pricing for the terms? Contact your account 3DVision account manager today!

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