Limit mates, what are they, and how do you use them in SOLIDWORKS? A limit mate is used to allow a component to move within a certain range. There are two types, the angle limit mate and the distance limit mate. For how to use them, see below:

  1. Go to the assembly command tab and select the mate command
  2. Expand the advanced mates group-box and select angle/distance limit mate
  3. Select the two planes/faces/edges for mating
  4. Select starting position
  5. Select maximum distance/angle and minimum distance/angle

Here is an example property manager:

SOLIDWORKS Limit Mate Limit Angle example property manager

Example Property Manager for a new Limit Mate

Example Limit Mates:

solidworks limit mate limit angle icon Angle Limit Mate:

I want to restrain the head of the flashlight, so it will not rotate through the back of the holder. To do so I would place an angle limit mate, that restrains the plane controlling the orientation to one of the default planes of the assembly.

solidworks limit mates distance limit Distance Limit Mate:

I want the smaller tube to be able to move a certain distance inside of the larger tube. I use two flat faces on each component and set what distances I want the faces to be from each other.

solidworks limit mate distance limit mate example

Madeline Speer
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