SOLIDWORKS Modeling Methodology - Part 1

CATI's monthly contribution to the SOLIDWORKS Blog was posted this week. This month I chose to write about proper modeling methodology for SolidWorks, this is part one of a two part set of articles. The reason for writing this article is because after working with so many customer files we have learned the one item that is not taught in any training class is proper modeling methodology. This first article talks about all of the different items we need to look at and evaluate before we create a model in SolidWorks. The second article is going to look into reverse engineering the part show below and finding what features and sketch options will allow us to build the most efficient model. If you have any ideas or suggestions please post those as comments to this article and I will try to use as many of those ideas that I can.


To view the article use the link below.

Josh Altergott

Support Manager

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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