Use of 3D CAD Modeling in Mechanical Engineering Design

The primary focus of 3D CAD Modeling is to develop highly accurate specifications and detailed drawings for manufacturing and construction purposes. The developer needs different 3D computer applications for design, detailing, drawing and manufacturing process.

3D CAD modeling allows for reuse of CAD data which positively impacts productivity, delivery schedules and eventually profitability.

3D CAD techniques have gained significant popularity because design data can often be reused across various stages of the manufacturing life-cycle.

Each CAD system comes with proprietary file formats which need to be made compatible with other project software. By and large designers use STEP and IGES files to make 3D solid models compatible with other systems.

The disadvantage of this practice is the extensive rework, significant delay, inefficient use of critical human resources and increased costs.

Powerful CAD systems such as AutoCAD 2010, Microstation and SOLIDWORKS provide native 3D models to optimize data exchange effectiveness and quality.

This practice results in less rework, better productivity and higher data integrity allowing the designer to save hundreds of man-hours. Further, all these systems come with routine updates to ensure compatibility with latest CAD software releases.

Every CAD platform has a unique way of representing 3D geometry for a given manufacturing design. If you try to open a 3D model in other application then you see some discrepancies in terms of white spaces, gaps, miss-alignment, etc – diluting the actual design intent.

AutoCAD 2010 quickly and easily makes adjustments to optimize the models and removes all these differences well before the file get translated.

AutoCAD mechanical interface embeds optimization tools, automated repair modules and compliance with latest industry standards to offer its users easy-to-understand, fast and highly accurate 3D CAD translations. Organizations can purchase main suit and add-ons for a nominal fee to make their systems up-to-date for future use.

This kind of scalability results in greater return of investment (ROI) and can win more business for the organization. AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS has found their extensive use across a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, automobiles and machineries and helps mechanical designers, product developers and mold makers benefits of low cost and quicker turn around times.

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Richard Bothom is member of Architectural CAD Services team at COS – an established offshore firm offering wide range of Architectural Design, Structural 3D Modeling and 3D CAD Rendering services at affordable rates.

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