SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Will be Discontinued

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing was introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP0 to allow customers to “login” to run SOLIDWORKS and easily move to other machines.  Due to low participation, Online Licensing is targeted to phase out on February 5, 2022.

For SOLIDWORKS 2018 to 2021 users, Online licensing will still be available until the phase out date. In preparation for this, we recommend your SOLIDWORKS Administrator switches back to machine activation before the phase out date. This can be done from the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal before February 5, 2022.

Once logged in, go to the Products tab and under Activated, check the Online Licensing filter and click Search and change to Machine Activation.

, SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Will be Discontinued

When the user launches SOLIDWORKS after this change they will be prompted to activate via the internet (recommended) or by email.

For SOLIDWORKS 2022 users, Online licensing will not be available.

How to move SOLIDWORKS to a different machine:

In SOLIDWORKS go to Help -> Licenses -> Activate/Deactivate and walk through the Activation Wizard. Once complete, SOLIDWORKS will shut down and you can relaunch and re-activate on another machine.

, SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Will be Discontinued

CATI Technical Support with Activation Issues:

During CATI Technical Support hours (Mon – Fri) 7am EST/8am CST to 7pm EST/8am CST

Call:  (888) 285-2284 (Option 1)

Email:  Use Activation Assistance as Subject

Click to Chat: and select Chat with Support on the bottom-right of web page

Create CATI Technical Support Online case: and select Login to Support

After Hours/Holiday for Activation Support:

Email us at  Use Activation Assistance as Subject

Please note that this email is not manned 24 hours but we will get a CATI Support Engineer to assist as soon as possible.

Cami Florence
Technical Support Manager
Computer Aided Technology

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