Advantages of using SOLIDWORKS 3D for Mechanical Product Design

SOLIDWORKS is revolutionary 3D Mechanical Design software developed for efficient and quicker design of Mechanical products and components. It helps Mechanical engineers, Product designers and Manufacturers to design new and better products faster and at lower cost.

SOLIDWORKS 3D comes with excellent CAD tools that automates time-consuming detailing work and help diagnose and resolve issues related to mechanical relationships and the application of dimensions.

It generates parametric 3D models from design sketches which can be used for presentations, sales proposals or material analysis – before creating any component. This helps in saving time, while scrapping the high costs of prototyping.

SOLIDWORKS platform has comprehensive automated checks and autocorrect capability that ensures complete adherence to your company’s fabrication standards – before you send your product designs for manufacturing or fabrication.

SOLIDWORKS tools allow designers to compare components or drawings to find out exact differences between two similar designs. It simplifies the use of data from various CAD systems to work on same platform.

SOLIDWORKS 3D tools visualize your product design right on-screen when you create assemblies, saving you the time and cost of physical prototyping.

You can reproduce components by choosing individual surfaces, edges and curves; produce mechanical relationships between components; check interference/collisions and link the motion of pulleys/sprockets.

You can automatically assemble fasteners and related hardware; automate the assembly of commonly used parts and resolve conflicts such as over-constraining a component.

The software has various data translation tools for AutoCAD users, along with help documentation, so you can easily convert DWG files into 3D models.

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