SOLIDWORKS PDM Administrators…are you looking for more training?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Administrators…are you looking for more training?

Since the SOLIDWORKS PDM product was introduced 10+ years ago, InFlow team members have trained hundreds of administrators. Recently, some of our administrators have asked for more. They are looking for classes to get a bit more out of the system, especially covering advanced topics or topics not covered in any training class. Earlier this year, we released 2 new classes and conducted those new classes for the first time in October.

The first class launched was the SOLIDWORKS PDM Advanced Administrator class covering the following items in a 2 day class:

  1. Advanced Data Card Techniques
  2. Advanced Search Card Techniques
  3. Advanced Workflow Techniques
  4. Multi-Level Revision Schemes
  5. PDM Templates
  6. PDM Macros Using Dispatch
  7. Replication.

We cover some advanced techniques and provide some best practices.  If you ever wanted to know how to turn your search cards in “custom reports” or wanted to set up a multi-level revision scheme, you need to attend this course.  If you are interested in learning about the PDM infrastructure, you can attend the SOLIDWORKS PDM Advanced Administrator IT class. This class provides information useful to IT professionals. If you are managing the PDM infrastructure, this class is a must. We cover the following topics in a 1 day class:

  1. PDM Software Components
  2. PDM Component Configuration
  3. Microsoft SQL Maintenance
  4. Archive Server maintenance
  5. Adding Replicated Server
  6. Backup and Restore

This class is designed to help support the servers and answer the question, “What do all these PDM services do?” We offer both classes virtually, so can attend from the comfort of your office or home.  Any questions about the training or want to learn more about InFlow Technology, visit

Justin Webster

Inflow Technology

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