SOLIDWORKS Shared Sketches

It's still summer, I'm still thinking about the outdoors, but now all the tulips I love are dead. I've decided to create a different flower, a better flower, one that won't disappoint me by dying after a week. See below for Super Flower TM.


Damn Madeline, back at it again with the flower parts.

To make the flower petals, I used a lofted surface with a top and bottom profile, and two guide curves. While playing around with profiles/guide curves, a weird cupped hand appeared in some of my sketches:


What gives?

The cupped hand symbol indicates that the sketch I was working with was shared. Editing the "Bottom Profile" or "Top Profile" sketch would affect multiple features. In my specific case it means I used the sketch for the profile of my loft, and it was also referenced by the guide curve sketches.


Thanks, helping hand, you all-knowing SOLIDWORKS symbol of sharing is caring.

Application Engineer,

Madeline Speer

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