Automated workflow software eases 3D-Scan-to-CAD process

It can take hours to clean up scanned 3D data, reducing the amount of time spent on the design process.3D Models Roland ASD has partnered with SOLIDWORKS to help solve this problem.

Roland’s new LPX-60 reverse engineering system improves the 3D-scan-to-CAD process. The LPX-60 generates detailed models with a 0.008 in. resolution. It automatically scans, aligns, merges planes, fills holes, and decimates 3D models. It then exports complex organic shapes in point cloud, STL, PIX, and 3DM data formats. “Roland’s automated workflow can save two to five hours per scanned object,” said Pedro Gonzalez, 3D application engineer, Roland ASD.

The LPX-60 joins the upgraded Roland LPX-600 3D laser scanner, which also exports complex organic shapes in point cloud, STL, PIX, and 3DM data formats. They scan objects to 16 in. tall and 10 in. in diameter and 12 in. tall and 8 in. in diameter, respectively.

Both are suitable for consumer products, packaging, jewelry, and biomedical applications. “These scanners create excellent reference geometry for SOLIDWORKS users,” said Efrat Ravid, solution partner program manager, SOLIDWORKS Corp.

“Combined with SOLIDWORKS Office 2007 Premium’s ability to import and work with scan data boosts productivity for our customers.”3D Models The Premium package has over 200 new features, including a Mesh Prep Wizard and Surface Wizard to quickly work with scan data.

Roland Advanced Solutions Division Find the right manufacturer

One way to influence the cost of your product is to design, deliver and track efficiently. Another way is to get to market faster. It’s the getting to market faster that delays many engineers. offers a way to help.

Through this Internet portal, engineers can match project requirements to a job shop’s capability, capacity, and quality. From prototypes to million-piece runs, the portal helps you source any custom manufactured part or service locally or around the globe. All an engineer needs to do is create an RFQ and send it to the community.

Software within the site matches the RFQ to members of its supplier list according to the RFQ specifications. The engineer can choose among the selection who to contact for quotes. is a free online supplier relationship management tool. There are opportunities to rate suppliers. Electronic Non-Disclosure Agreements protect intellectual property. Wireless: Easy mobile memory extraction

With mobile products, thin is in. Molex will help engineers develop smaller products with its new series of compact microSD memory card connectors that also have a brake feature for smooth card extraction.

These connectors fit cell phones and other mobile devices that use removable flash memory to store data such as text, photos, games, video and audio. They use 70% less space than other miniSD products in the market,… “which,” said Bill Kysiak, product manager for Molex, “allows for thinner and smaller designs.”

For mobile device makers, an additional benefit of these connectors is the smooth card extraction. They are available as normal and reverse-mount connectors in a push-push design that eases external card extraction from the side of a mobile device. Brake tabs help slow the speed of the card during ejection. Other features include a detect switch to identify card insertion and inner or outer solder tabs to suit various design needs.

The smallest of these versions offers a height of 1.80 mm (0.071 in.) and a depth of 15.50 mm (0.610 in.).3D Models The push-push versions also include four PCB ground tabs for secure board retention and polarization to ensure correct card insertion.

A hinge-type version is also available for cards mounted inside the unit to enable the card to be inserted from the top angle.

This hinge design holds the card in the metal lid and includes a spring function to ensure easy extraction. The durable metal lid stays securely fastened to the connector even after multiple cycles and provides an audible click and positive lock to ensure good electrical contact. Also the shell has no sharp edges or corners and includes probe holes for electrical testing.

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