SOLIDWORKS introduced “Tags” in SOLIDWORKS 2008. Since you can tag parts, I’ve used them primarily as an easy way to filter parts when I use the Selective Open function. [They are also pretty handy when selecting a group of common parts.]


You can also use tags in features – as a way to quickly filter your features in the feature manager. Though I have to be honest, I don’t tag features very often. I prefer to use folders or comments as a way to navigate my feature manager. I love the concept; just find I don’t use it much in real life -even though I suppose they would save me some time.

Earlier this week, SOLIDWORKS Labs released a new addin called “Tagger”. Tagger greatly improves the tags interface; which has been tags’ weakness till now. You can quickly see and edit all of the tags in a document at once. This is an application worth looking into!

Speaking of new interfaces. SOLIDWORKS Labs just got a new one as well. Each application has a nice little movie associated with it, to better help you understand the application before you download it. Get some popcorn, go to the labs, and enjoy.

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