SOLIDWORKS Training at Computer Aided Technology

SOLIDWORKS Training at Computer Aided Technology

“There are no secrets to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work, and learning from Failure” – Colin Powell.

At Computer Aided Technology, proper training is a critical component to success of any SOLIDWORKS or any software user.  With SOLIDWORKS Training, users are statistically more productive and accurate.

Any untrained user may require up to 22.5 hours to acquire the same skill level that it takes a trained employee just 5 hours to master.3DVision Technologies SOLIDWORKS Training

At Computer Aided Technology, we believe in teaching our customers the skills required to realize the productivity improvements our products and solutions are designed to deliver.  Our Instructors are SOLIDWORKS Certified, and they use the software daily.

Computer Aided Technology provides our customers with a comprehensive training offering that provides a set of classes, flexible delivery from our certified training centers.  Classroom Training, Online Training, eLearning and our CATalyst Training packages.  The CATalyst NOW membership lets you choose any or all our wide variety of SOLIDWORKS core and Industry classes for one full year.  You can save thousands by purchasing CATalyst Now membership.

We have a variety of Training facilities, serving clients in Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, need a quote or more information at, 513-725-4460 and 888-308-2284

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