SOLIDWORKS View Selector

While talking to some coworkers the other day the topic of SolidWorks View Selector came up in our discussion.  I hadn’t used this command much since it was
introduced in 2013 SP0 so I decided to investigate this further.  In case this command seems new to you as
well, the default way of accessing this is to press CTRL-Space bar while in a
SOLIDWORKS Part or Assembly model.  You
will see the following image of your model:


Now, if you click on the Top-Front Isometric panel shown as a
blue highlight in the image, you would expect to get an Isometric View of your
model.  Not so fast I discovered.  I received a Trimetric view.  Curious I thought to say the least.


So after a few minutes of reading the help menu, I found
that this image selection from the View Selector tool is set to equal your
default View Orientation setting like shown below:


So after switching this on my machine to show the Isometric
view and then reselecting the same highlighted face in the View Selector tool, I
was able to get an Isometric view of my model.


So if you haven’t had a chance to use this new functionality
yet in 2013, give it a go as you now have the information to make sure your
first Isometric view choice shows the way you expected it to.  Thank you.

Brian Reel

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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