SOLIDWORKS World - Procrastinators unite

Fellow loyal procrastinators: Thanks for coming to the May membership meeting. I’ve called you all in today to remind you all of our motto: “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow unless putting it off costs us money.”*

Keeping this motto in mind, let me remind you the first early bird deadline for SOLIDWORKS World 2009 is fast approaching.  If you wait around until the last minute, it will cost you $200.00. Though some of you may argue the full registration fee of $995 is still a great deal. The $200 savings would go along way to paying your membership dues that you still have not yet paid.

I expect to see all of you there.

*Our procrastinator motto is really cool; but is too long for a T-shirt. I was planning on having a new one for today’s meeting but never got around to it.

Jeff Sweeney

Jeff Sweeney
Engineering Data Specialist and El Señor Presidente of the National Association of Procrastinators [NAP]
3DVision Technologies

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