Top 10 Ideas from SOLIDWORKS World

Every year at SolidWorks World the top ten customer Enhancement Requests are announced during the General Session. For the past two years SolidWorks customers have created and voted on ideas using the SolidWorks World Top 10 Brainstorm site. This year the voting process has been incorporated into the SolidWorks Forums.
Here’s how you can create and vote on ideas for the SolidWorks World Top 10 Ideas:
  1. Navigate to the SolidWorks World Top 10 Ideas area of the SolidWorks Forums.
  2. Login to view, add, edit, vote, or comment on ideas.
  3. When creating an idea add details and images so others will get a clear idea of what you are proposing.
  4. Remember to select the categories (you can select more than one) so users can filter by category or tag cloud.
  5. You can only vote (for or against) an idea once. You can change your mind and vote the other way at any time.

Have fun sharing your ideas and comments!

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