What are the special options available for SOLIDWORKS licensing?

What are the special options available for SOLIDWORKS licensing?

During the occasionally instance here at Inflow we get asked what the “edit” button allows you to do in the Solidworks Network License Manager. If you were to click on this button from the Solidworks Network license manager you would be able to control various licenses settings for each user or group who uses the Solidworks software, which can allow greater functionality and decreased time.

As noted earlier there are several option available to you that will allow you to have increased functionality and access to your users if you the option file setting. First and foremost, when setting up the option file it is critical to save the notepad file as a “.opt” in order to get it to work with the Solidworks Network License Manager.

Next, we can explorer what types of settings are available that can provide us with control to the licenses.

For this example we will be dealing with the following option keywords; Group, Reserve, Timeout.

First, you will want to determine how many groups you want to control via the option file. Always being sure to define each group with the syntax “Group GPR_#”.

Next, once we have determined how many groups we want. We can setup who is to be in each group. As defined by user_# for this example.

Note: that you will want to define the users by the following syntax using the login name, “user_login name”.

In this example, we are using the option keyword “RESERVE” quantity (1) in relation to which license we want to allow group to have access to.

Finally, we have the option keyword “TIMEOUT” to define which licenses will be given up after a set number of seconds or in this case 9000 seconds.

As we can see from this example we could highlight some of the option keyword available to us to help with customization. However, with that said there are several more option keywords to provide further customization as seen below.

The following comes from the Flex License Manager Guide.


Tony Sanelli

Inflow Technology

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