SpeedPak your parts

SpeedPak is the best thing for large assemblies since…ever.

speedpakI won’t even listen to complainers who gripe about their slow assemblies if they aren’t using SpeedPak. Not using SpeedPak is like pushing your car around town rather than driving it. The only ding I have against it is that it only works on assemblies -you can’t speedpak parts. [Light bulb]…but you can put parts into assemblies.

I just took a single part that took 21 seconds to open, put that part into an empty assembly and then speedpack-ed it. That one part assembly opens in 5 seconds. So my suggestion is to put this one-part assembly into your designs, not the part. Granted it costs an extra file, but this is a great solution for those of you that get large imported models that you have to use in your designs.

I hope all of you turn in “Add speedpak support for parts” as an enhancement request for SOLIDWORKS 2010.

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