Sponsorship Announcement: CATI at BattleBots 2022

We at CATI are pleased to announce that we have sponsored a BattleBots team for the 2022 season – Team Claw Viper!

, Sponsorship Announcement: CATI at BattleBots 2022

The team designed Claw Viper as a control bot, meant to hold and suplex opponents while maintaining total arena control! We provided the Claw Viper team with support using Stratasys and MakerBot 3D printers for critical component housing as well as SOLIDWORKS CAD guidance.
Now in their second year on BattleBots, Team Captain Kevin Milczewski is an accomplished driver along with teammates Brian Adamson (Chief Designer), Dan Bostian (Prime Screw Turner), and Application Engineer Mike Thompson (Deputy Screw Turner).
Claw Viper is perhaps the fastest robot to make it to BattleBots, but will it be enough to win? Tune in to find out!
For additional information, please visit the BattleBots website.
Blake Boe
Content Marketing Specialist
Computer Aided Technology
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