The squeaky wheel getting too much grease

Every CAD Administrator has at least one user that is at the help desk several times a week complaining about something. -Every line that disappeared from his sketches and he “didn’t touch a thing” is reported to you immediately as if the company is going to go bankrupt if you don’t come over to his desk and help him recover his sketch entity pronto.

The real problem may be the guy in the corner who may be having bigger problems. His computer is actually crashing several times a week, costing him [and your company] hours of work. He doesn’t say anything, simply reboots and continues about his work.

You are devoting your resources to the squeaky wheel, when there are better ways to utilize your time.

A great solution is the CAD Administrator Dashboard. It is a tool that you can use to better administrate your CAD machines. You can compare computer up time, settings and performance. You’ll make better decisions on where to put your hardware budget and your time.



Access it through your SOLIDWORKS customer portal.

With the money you save, you can put up an electric fence around your office and maybe get some of your own work done.

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