Still stuck in 2D? It's time to consider an upgrade.

It’s that time of year when we all think about upgrading our software to the newest versions. For all you AutoCAD guys, I’ve got a question for you. . . Don’t you wish you could get as excited about upgrades as us 3D guys get?

If you do, and I am pretty sure you do, its time to think about converting to SolidWorks.

Here is just a sampling of the advantages that SOLIDWORKS has over AutoCAD:

1) All changes made to the 3D SOLIDWORKS model will be updated in all locations including all drawing views.

2) SOLIDWORKS will create an accurate BOM that will update when the assembly updates automatically.

3) You have the ability to visualize and check your model in 3D space where in AutoCAD you don’t have that luxury.

4) SOLIDWORKS can accurately display the Mass, Volume, Surface area, Moments of intertia and Center of mass which can all be placed on the drawing with the ability to automatically update when the 3D Model changes.

Right now is a great time to convert to SOLIDWORKS 3D. SOLIDWORKS is offering significant savings on CAD software for qualified companies but only for a limited time. If you register by July 31, 2009, SOLIDWORKS will analyze your business and discuss the return of investment that thousands of companies, large and small, have achieved by already moving to SolidWorks.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to register.

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