Stratasys F-Series Hard Reboot

When having software issues, corrupt files or failed firmware updates its likely you may need to perform a hard reboot and revert to factory firmware. Follow these easy instructions on how to do so.

With the printer off, you will press and let go the power button. Wait a few seconds, while the power button is illuminated press and hold it again. Hold this until the printer shuts off (5-10 seconds), and let go. The printer will be off and should not restart. If it does restart you didn’t hold it long enough.

Repeat this step. Press and let go. Wait a few seconds and then hold down until it shuts off.

You will do this exact procedure 4 times. On the fifth time, you will press the power button and let it start up. You will immediately get a screen that will allow you to reset the factory settings/firmware or start up normally. You can also set an IP address to send a new firmware update via Grabcad print.

Brian Maxwell
Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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