Stratasys Objet Maintenance: Quality Issue Quick Fix

Stratasys Objet printers create high-end prototypes with amazing quality. Ensuring that quality requires user maintenance to keep them running flawlessly. With all 3D Printers come specific parts to clean and calibrations to run to keep the printer reliable. If not maintained properly your Objet could spit out some funky looking parts, wasting time and material.

Here are the most common parts to check and calibrations to run when you have quality issues.

Roller Waste Collector
, Stratasys Objet Maintenance: Quality Issue Quick Fix

The roller waste collector collects residue of uncured and excessive resin. These residues are transferred to the waste container through tubes and a pump. It is important to clean the roller waste collector in order to prevent blockage of the waste tubes and leakage on the tray.

Wiper blade

, Stratasys Objet Maintenance: Quality Issue Quick Fix

The wiper blade removes excess material from the print heads, keeping them clean. Cleaning the wiper increases the performance of the print head nozzles and prevents resin build up on the print heads.

Cleaning Print Heads

, Stratasys Objet Maintenance: Quality Issue Quick Fix

The print heads jet model and support material on the tray. Cleaning the heads by removing resin from around and in-between the heads prevents the print nozzles from becoming clogged with

UV light Calibration

The UV lamp should emit the right amount of UV radiation. Optimum UV intensity ensures that parts are cured properly.

Head Voltage Calibration

The heads performance will degrade over time. In order to maintain optimal jetting from nozzles, the voltage should be calibrated to ensure the best performance.

Instructions on how to replace these parts and run these calibrations can be found in your Objet user manual.

Brian Maxwell
Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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