Streamline the Design and Manufacture of Structures & Frames Using SOLIDWORKS Weldments

In the latest version of our “How To Solve It” webinars (every Wed at 10am) I covered the topic of “Streamlining the Design & Manufacture of Structures & Frames Using SOLIDWORKS Weldments”

The webinar covered building at welded structure with just a minimal “skeleton” sketch, how to manage the automated cutlist, and how to manage and customize the weldment profiles to fit your needs.   I also took some time to show how weldments can be used to do many “other” kinds of things than just welded frames, such as woodworking projects!   I showed examples of cabinet designs all the way to a full backyard deck design all done with SOLIDWORKS weldments functionality. 

Be sure to check out the recording of the webinar on our 3DVision Technologies YouTube channel:
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