Sweeney Smackdown

As my loyal fans know, every [randomly chosen time interval] morning I post my gripes about CAD, or the engineering world in general. In hopes that someone out there will see these problems and fix them for me. I figure I spend all day fixing other people’s problems -someone out there owes me.

  • Why does my optical mouse suddenly decide it wants to be on the other side of the screen?
  • I hate acronyms. They should be illegal. ECN, ECO, ECP, ER or PDM, PLM, ERP, LCM. Most people don’t even know the difference and use them interchangeably. IMHO, these need to be taken out of the language ASAP.
  • I remember back when I ran my company’s help desk, users would ask me to go over to their workstations to show them how to do something. I would get there and they would have their mouse on the left hand side of the keyboard…they might as well have a Mac. I look like a 4th grader trying to use a mouse left-handed ….or worse yet they don’t have a 3D mouse. Don’t you hate that twitch you get in your arm every time you reach for the 3D mouse and it isn’t there?!
  • Why are there web sites/blogs/forums where I have to create my “free user name and password” to participate? I have thousands of PIN numbers, user names, passwords, secret words…why would I want one more just so I can post a comment on a blog?


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