SWW 2009 - a good show

I am back from SOLIDWORKS World. I know many of you were expecting daily blog updates from me. Sadly I did not have Internet access the entire time I was there! Four days no Internet – I survived with only minor issues. Since I am now nearly a week behind the press and all the other bloggers, I figure there is no reason to rehash all the happenings that went on. The Internet is big and you know how to use Google. My plan is to simply share some of the things I learned at the sessions here in this blog over the next few days.

I did have a good time and learned a lot. I mostly took the data management track [surprised?] and spent quite a bit of time with the DriveWorks folks.

My biggest “chicken out” moment was Wednesday. I attended a session named: “Innovation Management in Manufacturing” by Don Richardson, director of Global Innovation and PLM Industry Strategy at Microsoft. At the end of his session, his door prize was a free copy of Microsoft Office Professional – and I won! As I was walking to receive the DVD, I thought it would be wildly funny if I jokingly shouted “I’m finally legal!” as I held my prize over my head. Instead, I politely thanked him and walked back to my seat.

He’d probably already heard that joke a million times before anyway.

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