The Technology behind the World Cup

Now that exactly half of the games at the 2014 World Cup have been played we wanted to take you behind the scenes for some of the preparation. New technology is continuously being developed and now even the grass is being created using CAD software. Hopefully, this will show the range of SOLIDWORKS and get your mind off that late goal conceded by the USA. From making sure that the stadiums are safe for the fans, to introducing hybrid grass, SOLIDWORKS has played a vital part in the lead up to this World Cup.

For the 2014 World Cup six new stadiums were built, and six stadiums were renovated. With all of this new construction making sure fans would be safe was a priority. Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation, as shown in this video, designers could test the flow patterns of fans into and out of the stadium. Fans move throughout a stadium like, “water meandering down a stream” according to the video, so testing to ensure safety in entering and exiting the stadium could be done using SOLIDWORKS Simulation with a few simple assumptions.

Artificial grass was first introduced to soccer in 1981, but issues such as irregular bounces and joint injuries caused teams to shy away from the technology. For the first time in World Cup history some of the games will be played on hybrid grass in 2014. Hybrid grass was developed in 1996 by METAL machinebouwers a Dutch design company. The technology features millions of synthetic fibers intertwined with real grass to create a smooth playing field.  The synthetic fibers, created using CAD software, can take up to three times the wear of natural grass and can be installed in as little as three weeks.

For those looking for a little fun in SOLIDWORKS here is a video on how to create a free kick and the design to create a soccer ball.  CAD software plays a key role behind the scenes of the World Cup, so that fans can enjoy what is happening on the field without having to worry about small details. While soccer has been played nearly the same way since its inception, the technology on and off the field continues to improve.

Below is a history of technology in soccer.

History of Soccer Technology

History of Soccer Technology

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