Tell WDS not to search your EPDM Cache

October is Engineering Data Specialist month. I’d like to thank the thousands of you for the cards, flowers and well wishes. It’s readers like you that make blogging all the worth while.

Windows Desktop Search, is a nice little application for finding your files on your desktop. It could be better, but it is free and comes preloaded with your Windows 7 machine.

One of the things I don’t like is that it wants to search my SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM’s local cache…if I wanted to find file in my local cache, I’d use EPDM’s search.

It is actually pretty easy to create exceptions to where WDS searches in Windows 7.

Control Panel -> Indexing Options -> Modify


Remove the checkmark next to the directories you do not want indexed, click okay and your done!


Happy Engineering Data Specialist month to you and yours!

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