The Design Insight Plot

The importance of this plot cannot be overemphasized. The Design Insight Plot (new in 2008 and after) is an excellent tool to try to understand the path that the load takes as it travels through the design. The plot shows two areas:

  • Areas in blue are the locations in the geometry that are effectively carrying the load
  • Areas that are translucent are not involved in the load transfer path, and can hence be redesigned.

Such a plot affords the user the luxury of making design changes by cutting material from the translucent areas, while beefing up the areas in blue to increase strength and durability.
In 2009, the user can take it one step further by activating the design insight plot, and making the design changes in the graphics window while looking at the plot. This ensures that the removed material does not eat into the blue areas.

Another nice enhancement that the users can benefit out of!!

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