The Importance of Organization

For almost all users of SOLIDWORKS, organization is vital for understanding another designer’s methods.  Everyone designs a little differently and what makes perfect sense to one person may seem completely crazy to another.  The ability for one person to lay down a design and have another person pick it up and be able to immediately begin working from where the first person left off can be invaluable.  A good example of a chaotic feature tree is shown below.



Looking at this feature tree, nothing can be inferred of the designers own personal method.  An example of a much better organized feature tree is the following.



These feature trees are of the same part file, but the second can be understood at once.  If future changes are necessary, they can now be started immediately at the correct place.  Another advantage of having it organized is making the search tool easier to use.  An example of this is shown below.



Even if the files will not be shared or used for collaboration, it is still a good idea to organize and label features.  A lot of time can be saved if a couple extra seconds a taken to organize a file.


Chad Whitbeck, CSWP

Applications Engineer, CATI

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