The uPrint is Go

So, I took advantage of the “Cash for Clunkers” deal and purchased a new Honda Fit.(Sorry, I’ve been loyal to Honda ever since I worked for one of their suppliers).Anyways, I traded in my 99 Ford Explorer for a pretty small hatchback that’s been averaging almost 40mpg on the highway.Its first true test came when we had to relocate one of our 3D printers – the uPrint.Below is a photo of the results…


It fit in the Fit (thanks to the portability of the uPrint and the hand grooves on the bottom of it)!We even managed to take the wash tank (used to wash the soluble support material off the finished parts) on the same trip with ease.With my Honda Fit priced at just over $16k and the uPrint priced at just under $15k, I nearly doubled the value of my new car.

It really surprised me how easy the uPrint was to relocate.The setup is not much more involved than the setup of a networked paper printer.Considering the size, the quietness, and the ability for it to be run off a standard 115v 15-amp line makes it just as office-friendly as well.The future is here.You can now create fully functional prototypes in the comfort of your very own office space for less than $15k.Amazing!

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