There are many ways to buy soap flakes

Back in the early days of the washing machine you went to the general store, plunked your nickel down and bought yourself a nice box of soap flakes. Soap flakes, one size, one variety = clean clothes.

Fast forward a century. Do a Google search for Tide laundry detergent. Liquid, flakes, powder, individual tablets, 1 pound, 2 pound, scented, unscented…there must be hundreds of ways you can buy laundry detergent today. You have to wonder -are your clothes really cleaner today than if you used 5 cent soap flakes?

So why are there so many ways to buy detergent today? -easy because customers want it. To stay ahead in business you need to give the customers what they want. However, so many combinations can create an engineering nightmare. If every “engineer-to-order” project came through engineering, a terrible backlog can occur.

Enter DriveWorks. DriveWorks can give you the ability to give your customers what they want much faster than using SOLIDWORKS alone. DriveWorks can make your parts, drawings, assemblies and even build your quotes and BOMs for you through a user interface you design yourself.

You may not sell soap, but the game is the same. With DriveWorks, you can get the customers what they want much faster and at a better price.

[The concept of this blog entry came from Jon Hirschtick’s keynote speech at DriveWorks World 2007]

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