They canceled Christmas?

I am sad. My most anticipated service pack ever (at least since 2001+) has been canceled.

I have drafted a letter to the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM developers and reprinted it here with my permission:

Dear SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Developers:
I have been looking forward to the new Item Centric functionality in Enterprise PDM since the glorious beta days this summer. I wept when I found out it would not be available until SP1. Yesterday I learned there would be no Enterprise SP1 and we have to wait until SP2?

I understand "this is a unique, one‐time event and will not lessen the number of software defects (SPR’s) that are fixed during the 2009 release cycle", but still -would you show a boy a new bike and tell him he cannot ride it until next month?

With love and disappointment,
Engineering Data Specialist Man

I suppose it will be worth the wait, but I want it now!

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