Tips when calling Tech Support

A few weeks ago during the big snow storms, several of our tech support guys could not make it into the office. Apparently they were desperate, they asked me to help.
Computer Tech Support
That is a tough job! I gained a ton of respect for the support technicians. I thought I would pass on a few tips in hopes it will make their life easier, and in turn help you get even better support.

  • If you call, leave a message. This makes it easier for them to call you back.
  • If you call and leave a message, leave your phone number. This makes it easier for them to call you back. (I could not believe how many calls that went like this: “Hey this is Joe, call me back.”!)
  • If you email or call, leave a short message telling them what the problem is:
    1. If more than one technician is on call, your issue can be routed to the guy best suited for the issue
    2. If they know what the problem is, they can look up the issue and maybe even have an answer before they call you back. *Double Bonus* If the tech knows the answer he can give it to you if he has to leave a message! -Can save hours of phone tag!
  • If you know your SOLIDWORKS serial number, that is also helpful -if they need to contact SOLIDWORKS with the issue.

Obvious? Ha, I would have thought so too!

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