To Extend or Untrim?????

To Extend or Untrim?????

As a user what little things can I do on a daily basis to improve my short and long term goals? Let’s list them out first.

  • Get this project complete.
  • Move on to the next project.
  • Reduce overhead (Solidworks documents)
  • Make myself and others around me more efficient.

Little things make a huge difference in the end as far as your calculation time. Let’s look at the difference between 2 commands with 2 different algorithms- surface extend and surface untrim. EXTEND

 Without getting too specific as to the intimate details, I like the untrim command if I can get it. What’s not to like? Multi bodies can be selected there by reducing clicks. Percentage based, I like that.  The other thing is the performance. Better than a 75% faster rebuild on this small part for less work!  So if you take a part that has 400 features in it and we can reduce the overhead of rebuilding it by 75% on 1 part, what is this going to do for us when we get a whole group of these parts together in an assembly?

Reduce overhead and improve efficiency. Little things have a cumulative effect over the long haul.












Todd Werginz

Applications Engineer

Computer Aided Technology

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