"To Power Trim, or To Power Extend? That Is The Question"

While sketching inside SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks user interface you invoke the Power Trim command and use it as normal. As a refresher, the SOLIDWORKS Power Trim tool allows you to hold down your Left Mouse Button (LMB) and drag the mouse over any sketch entities you want to trim to the nearest entity.
The Power Trim command can also extend sketch entities as well.  This is simply done holding down your Shift Key to convert from trimming to extending sketch entities while using Power Trim command.

Power Trim and Power Extend are also available in DraftSight Professional, Premium and DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus, but not in DraftSight Standard.

I hope this makes you a more efficient user with SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS CAM, CAMWorks and/or DraftSight!

Don Glaske
Manager, CAM Services
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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