Editing Toolbox settings slow?

I should have written this before SOLIDWORKS 2012 because in the old days people were more affected by slow Toolbox editing than they are today…

If it takes a long time to modify your SOLIDWORKS Toolbox settings, there could be something wrong with the Microsoft Access file that is used to store some of your settings. Microsoft Access has a tool, “Compact and Repair Database” that I’ve seen greatly increase the performance of your toolbox.

Find your SWBrowser.mdb file (“langenglishSWBrowser.mdb” by default) make a backup copy, then open the file file in Microsoft Access. Normally at this point I would help you find the “Compact and Repair Database” function within Access, but they have changed its location every release since Access 95. So I’ll leave it up to your “help file” navigation skills to find the command.

While we are on the subject…if you have other Access databases that you use rather often. I recommend you run this function on them every once in a while. You’ll sometimes see huge performance increases.

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