Top New SOLIDWORKS 2017 Enhancements

If you use 3D CAD design and modeling software, “The Power You Need to Drive Innovation,” is a headline that is bound to catch your attention—especially when it’s describing the release of SOLIDWORKS 2017.

Industry news is a buzz about the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2017, the 24th annual release of the CAD, simulation, data management and collaboration software. User feedback drove 90 percent of the enhancements in this release. In the CAD tools alone, there are 250 new features and enhancements, and a total of 520 new enhancements spread across all SOLIDWORKS products.

SOLIDWORKS provides a benefit-packed summary of how the software’s new capabilities will help you:

  • – Innovate: New capabilities to help you incorporate emerging technologies
  • – Design: More core power and performance to get your job done faster
  • – Validate: Greater design ideas that lead to breakthrough innovations
  • – Collaborate: Unlock any 3D model to work with SOLIDWORKS
  • – Build & Manage: Data integration from concept to manufacturing to drive business needs

But you may be asking, how does this translate to SOLIDWORKS tools? Here is just a glimpse of where you will see some of the top new enhancements:

  • – User Interface
  • – PDM
  • – Assembly Delighters
  • – Simulation
  • – Visualize
  • – Electrical
  • – eDrawings
  • – Sheet Metal

Come see the tools in action at one of our launch events. We are so excited about SOLIDWORKS 2017 that we’ve been using the new capabilities to design functionality into our robot, Fetch. We can’t wait to show you the story of Fetch and SOLIDWORKS 2017 at a launch event near you.

About the Author

Christa Prokos is a marketing manager at Fisher Unitech. She researches and writes about the latest business trends and technologies impacting manufacturers, including 3D printing, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design and product data management tools, product lifecycle management, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. Christa has worked as a high tech marketing and communications professional since 2000. You can follow her on Twitter: @ChristaProkos.

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