Top Ten Enhancements - 2013

One of the most fun things about being part of the SOLIDWORKS community is you really get the feeling that SOLIDWORKS is listening to us and our ideas of what we would like to see in the product. They are very transparent on the top requests -in fact every year at SOLIDWORKS World they publish a top ten list of what people are asking for.

Imagine Microsoft asking us how we would improve Internet Explorer! (Do you suppose it is a coincidence how IE is losing market share while its more open competitors are taking over?)

So what were the top ten requests announced this year?

  1. Start using more CPU cores
  2. Mass properties should include the option to automatically put a point at the center of gravity
  3. Don’t delete your children, dangle them instead
  4. Address “shaded with edges bleed through” issue
  5. Reduce the bounding box of drawing views to visible components only
  6. Ability to control a plane’s front & back side orientation
  7. Dimensions should stay where you place them
  8. Escape key should immediately return control of the interface
  9. Add “lock rotation” option to cylindrical mates
  10. Add a “thread creation wizard”

Some are repeats from 2011 and still some there from 2010. Numbers 6, 7, and 9 are three fantastic new comers that I hope “retire” from this list soon. Imagine a tree with fully defined fasteners! Now that would be pretty.

SOLIDWORKS listens to us by more than reading enhancement requests, they also do customer visits. If you would like to have a product definition manager stop by your place where you can share ideas with SOLIDWORKS directly let me know…I know people that know people, maybe I can set you up!

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