Total Uninstall - 2011

Ever been told you need to do a ‘clean’ uninstall of SolidWorks? Prior to the 2011 version, this process involved manually editing the Windows registry to remove the registry keys associated with a particular user. Who wants to do that??

In SOLIDWORKS 2011, a ‘Total Uninstall’ option has been added to remove all user settings during the uninstall process. It will remove the SOLIDWORKS install directories and Window Registry keys under the HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOLIDWORKS section. It will NOT remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOLIDWORKS keys – so you won’t have to re-enter your license keys. Nice! Another nice thing is that it will automatically make a copy of your current registry settings – including your Simulation settings – as a backup. In case you forget.

To invoke this option, right-mouse-button click on the title bar of the uninstall window. Check out the screen shot below for where to look for this option and check out the following link on the discussion forums (registration required) for more in-depth info:

Total uninstall image

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