Transfer a SOLIDWORKS Part to Another Template

This post is actually a two-fer. I want to share how to transfer a part from one template to another, but I also want to highlight where I got this idea – our local SOLIDWORKS User Group (SWUG).

Back in the summer of this year, during a SLUG meeting (SOLIDWORKS Louisville User Group – think Louisville Slugger – the wooden bats are still made right here, believe it or not), someone asked how they might quickly transfer a part from one part template to another. So not only do you update the Units settings, for instance, but everything else saved in the desired template as well.

One of the SLUG members, Brandon Bibelhauser, came up with a solution to use ‘Insert Part’ to accomplish this. (click here to see his detailed solution) I tried this on a few sample parts and it works well. If you have experience with this, good or bad, we would love to hear about it.

I’m sharing his solution  because 1) I think it’s great and 2) to encourage you to be a part of your local SWUG chapter – not only can you walk away with swell ideas like this one, but there is always free food and prizes! Look up your local chapter here and get involved.


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